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“I help people across the globe unlock their full potential by a good night sleep”

About me

I am a sleep neuroscientist, adjunct professor at IE Business School in Madrid, lecturer at St. Gallen Business School and IMD Business School, and internationally recognized authority on sleep. Thrive Global has named me as one of the top 5 sleep experts in the world. I advise corporations around the globe on sleep, performance, and well-being. I support CEOs and decision-makers worldwide to help them get the best out of themselves, their team members, and their organizations. Watch a 2-minute introductory video here.

Master the Art of Sleep

In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of sleep is often overlooked. Many people believe that working harder and longer will lead to success, but what if I told you that the key to unlocking your full potential is as simple as getting a good night’s sleep?


Ph.D. in Psychology as Fulbright scholar


Follow-up research in emotional processing


MSc (cum laude) in Neurosciences


MSc (cum laude) in Clinical Neuropsychology and BSc (Honors distinction) in Neuropsychology

What I Do


Reduce sleep debt of employees at several of my clients by over 50%

Decrease stress levels of employees in my programs by 20% or more

Increase the self-reported level of productivity by 21%

90% of the people at a client’s organization implemented healthier work habits

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My clients put their employees first. Together we achieve sustainable results in only a brief matter of time.

``Els brings the rare combination of deep scientific evidence-based understanding of sleep with the personal experience of a highly demanding professional role.
I found her advice to be highly practical, effective and thus relevant. On top she delivers with a smile, positive encouragement and no zeal, so it's fun to collaborate on unlocking the potential of your organization``
Florian Weig - SVP Purchasing and Supplier Network Digital
``Els hosted a dynamic and energetic sleep and leadership session that was filled with science-based content. For me, the real differentiator was how she integrated personal learnings from her lived experience finding good sleep while in the cauldron of intense client-facing consulting engagements at McKinsey & Co., where we were colleagues. This combination resonated well, leading me to adopt her strategies for the years since that session through today. I attribute greater focus, ease if access to flow states, and resilience to better sleep. I would recommend Els’s sessions to any senior leader in a high-pressure environment seeking a competitive edge, i.e., productive, high-quality sleep.``
Michael Bazigos, PhD - Managing Director, Strategy Consulting Group, Talent & Organization / Human Potential Practice
``Els creates an impact on a personal level for employees as well as at scale in an organization that often resists change. The result of working with her is a more present, better connected, and cognitively better-performing workforce. Her personal experience in high-intensity work environments, coupled with deep scientific expertise, really changed mindsets and behavior.``
Filippo Rossi - Senior Partner
``A good night of sleep is the most critical element in maintaining a healthy mind and positive energy. Els and her team conducted a very insightful session around this topic with my senior leadership team. This session provided us with valuable insights and gave effective tools that helped us understand and improve our sleep cycle.``
Yuneeb Khan - Global President
``As surgeons we work in a high-pressure and demanding environment with long days and irregular working hours (like many other industries!). Els's session greatly impacted how our entire division thinks about sleep and now prioritizes sleep. This decreases medical errors and ultimately saves lives!``
Ankeeta Mehta - Assistant Professor Of Surgery
``Els hosts workshops that are both deep in science-based content, yet digestible for the common mortal. Einstein supposedly said ``If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.`` Els proves that point.

I've always had fun in her sessions, and walked out of them with more energy than when I walked in. She has profound academic and real-world experience, which allows her to give concrete responses filled with examples to any audience question she receives.``

Navid Alizadeh - Senior Leadership Advisor and Coach

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Don’t underestimate what a good night sleep can do for you and your organization. Take action today!